Roof Types

One of the most difficult things about getting a new roof is getting lost in the terminology. The following is a short list of conventional roof types, to help you understand your roof and the work being done to your home.

Cross Gable
Similar to the gable roof, but has two gable parts that cross in a T like.

Cross Hipped
Similar to a hipped roof, but this roof has two parts that cross.

Simply put: a flat roof.

A simple triangular shaped roof from the side with two rectangle sections opposing each other creating an up side down V. The two triangle portions are at 90 degrees to the ridge.

This roof looks more traditionally barn or bell shaped than triangular when viewed from the side. It is like a flattened gable roof. Many farms have gambrel roofs.

A pyramid shaped roof where 4 triangle sections are sloped to meet in a single point.

Pavilion Hipped
A simple triangular shaped roof from the side with to opposing isosceles trapezoids that meet at the hip of the roof thus creating two angled sloped triangles sections. This roof type is typically a low-pitched roof.

The mansard has a flat area at the top with 4 heavily sloped sides slanting out to meet and/or exceed the walls of the building.

A single sloped roof.

Similar to a gable roof, but the two sides of it are not symmetrical.